How Often does the backup run?

Bluefactory allows you to define the 3 backup frequencies:

  • One-time 

  • Daily

  • Weekly

However, the backup frequency can be adjusted upon request by emailing Backup frequency higher than once a day may incur additional costs.

When does it take place?

You can schedule the backup start time through the backup creation page. 

If you set a daily or weekly frequency, then you can choose the start time. (For One-time frequency, the backup will run after clicking on Create Backup.)

You can't change parameters once the backup is created. To modify frequency or start time, you'll have to create a new backup with the desired parameters. 

Note to avoid performance issues or data loss in the backup, take care to schedule running time out of your business hours. Also, make sure that your timezone is configured correctly: at the top of the page, click Settings, go to Account and check the Time Zone field.

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