The Settings page permits you to modify your Bluefactory account, manage your Orgs, add an IP restriction, upgrade your subscription and manage your team members.

1. Account

After signing up, you can still update the following account information in the Account page: 

  • Company name

  • Backup location (among 10 possibilities)

  • Timezone

2. Salesforce Organizations

The Salesforce Orgs Setting permits you to see all Orgs linked to your account.
For each, you can see: 

  • the name of your Org

  • the Orgs type

  • the modules status (Activated/Not Activated) 

To add a Salesforce Org, click on Connect a new Salesforce Org at the top right. 

Then, it's a similar process you did with the previous Org:

  • Choose the environment type (Production, Sandbox, Pre-release...) 

  • Enter your Salesforce login and password

  • Initialize needed modules in the new Org

3. IP Restriction 

IP restriction page let you control login access by specifying a range of allowed IP addresses, same way as Salesforce. When you define IP address restrictions for an account, login from any other IP address is denied.

To create an IP range for your Bluefactory account click on Add IP range. Enter a Start and End IP address to the range. Those fields are already populated by Bluefactory with your actual IP information. Add a description. Click on Save.

4. Upgrade Subscription

The Upgrade Subscription page let you: 

  • Add Orgs for the Code Quality (and Change Tracker), and the Backup

  • Choose your billing cycle: monthly or annually (yearly plans are 33% cheapest)

To upgrade your actual subscription select the billing information that suits your needs. Click on Continue.
Check the billing invoice on the right.
When everything is OK, fulfill the billing required information (*) and click on Submit Payment

Contact us if you encounter an issue during the billing process.

5. Team members

The Team members screen permits you to :

  • Invite any member needed in the project(s)

  • See all your actual members and pending invitations 

To add a member to your team, enter the professional email address (one email address per line). The members invited will receive an email giving access to the Bluefactory app. 

If your invitations are still in pending status, check if the email addresses are correct and click on Resend invitation.

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