For your first time with Bluefactory, see the following 3-steps to access the Bluefactory platform.

1. Go to the Login page

To access the login page click on the Login button located on the top of the site home page.

2. Define your Salesforce Org

First, choose the Salesforce org type you want to analyze and click on Login with Salesforce. Then, enter your Salesforce username and password. 

Note that you'll be able to add or delete Orgs linked to your account later in the Settings tab.

3. Registration

First, give your Bluefactory account and your Org a name within Bluefactory app.
Then, you can invite your project team members by entering their professional email address, one per line.
Finally, click on Invite your team or Skip to go to the Dashboard.

Note that you'll be able to manage your team members (add/delete) later in the app in the Settings tab.

Contact us if there is an issue during the subscription process or if you have difficulties to see the results. 

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